Penguin Crane Five Stage Air Purifier Review

Penguin Crane Five Stage Air Purifier Review

Penguin Crane Five Stage Air Purifier

Penguin Crane Five Stage Air Purifier is the best air purifier I can find and at this price you just CANNOT beat it. Works fantastic. Run it overnight and I see a significant decrease in allergy symptoms. This product is so fantastic and the price is great for what is inside.

Comparable models cost $200+. I’ll gladly take a penguin one for that price difference. Filter cost is cheap and available on multiple sites. This unit runs very softly until the filters need changed and even then it really isn’t noisy enough to bother me while sleeping.

Penguin Crane Five Stage Air Purifier is the second one that I’ve bought for my daughter’s room and it does wonders for her room. We live in a slightly older home that acquires a musty smell if nothing is being done to the air, but this purifier really takes care of that. I walk into her room and breathe significantly better each time. There is hardly any dust in her room these days and she has not had the sniffles or allergies at all since we bought it.

This “Penguin” air purifier is so adorable! It works great and the kids think it is so cute. It is very safe to use and will stop working if it falls over due to one of the kids hitting it or running into it. You just have to keep it about three feet from the walls or any other things. It will not work right if you don’t and it will leave a black stain on whatever it is close too. I do not know why this happens, though. All air purifiers seem to be like that.Click here to Check Best Discounted Price for Penguin Crane Five Stage Air Purifier.

We have this and we love it. The filter/UW light keep the air in my kid’s room feeling and smelling fresh and light and judging from the muck that washes out of the filter each time we clean it and the lack of dust in the room I’d say that it does a great job of cleaning the dander/dust/pollen out of the air.

(We keep a very clean home, lots of houseplants, and are non-smokers of course, but we do have 2 cats and tons of trees around the house, so there’s always danger and a LOT of pollen in the air in the spring.)

We always turn it on at night. It also serves as their nightlight. One of the reasons I originally bought it because it had a fan and we needed to drown out some crazy upstairs neighbors so our kids could get some sleep. The gentle white noise coming from the fan still helps hide other household noises and they sleep better overall with it on. We’ve had ours for about 3 years and it still works great.

I wanted a purifier for my office cubicle since my allergies are much worse at work, but I didn’t want something that looked medicinal.

This was the perfect solution! I haven’t been sneezing or using nearly as many issues at work, so I truly think it is helping me. I use it on the low setting when my coworkers are around, but it is pretty quiet. The cute design works well!

Penguin Crane Five Stage Air Purifier is completely adorable and a great size. It fits nicely in a corner in the bedroom, next to the bookcase, and looks even better in person than on screen, which is rare. The dog has grass seed allergies, and the big, powerful window fan blows in a lot of grass seed at the same time that it keeps the room nice and cool. He sleeps in the bedroom and wakes up in the morning itching horribly. Running this penguin on medium all night long results in a dog with no itches in the morning. Definitely, works!

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