Honeywell HFD310 AirGenius4 Air Cleaner

Honeywell AirGenius4 HFD310 Review

Honeywell HFD310 AirGenius4 Air Cleaner

  • Provides an extensible design that enables Service prioritization for data
  • Design that delivers high availability, scalability, and for maximum flexibility and price/performance
  • The country of Origin is China
  • Permanent, washable, patented QuietClean® ifD® filters capture up to 99.9% of particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Actively yet quietly circulates and filters the air up to 5 times an hour in a large room (250 sqm. ft.)
  • Energy Star rated
  • Sleek tower design features a contemporary, intuitive touch sensitive control panel and oscillation for distributing cleaner, fresher air throughout the room.
  • Smart Controls that do the Thinking for You. Easy to use tap controls with 4 Air Cleaning Levels (SLEEP, GENERAL Cleaning, ALLERGEN Capture Mode and MAX Cleaning Power)

Honeywell AirGenius4 HFD310 is efficient and is very, very quiet. It has a very faint odor when operating and might be what is supposed to mask or reduce other odors. It is so slight that very few notice it but me. I would buy it again since it is one of the better ones I have used.

I have given this thing a workout, and it still keeps going. I use it in my living room where my best friend and I both smoke, and it keeps the air pretty clean. I also keep a window cracked, but this purifier makes a huge difference. I wouldn’t say that my house is free of smoke smell but it pulls all of the second-hand smoke out of the air very well.

I’ve been running this unit daily in my 200 sg/ft home office for the past 4 months. I also have a 70lb Golden Retriever who sleeps in the office every night. The primary purpose of this purchase was to reduce the inevitable, and unpleasant, pet smell.

This unit not only reduced the odor, it eliminated it. I’ve only had to run it on speed 1 (out of 3), which is tolerably quiet and easily cleans the air in this relatively small space. It has a permanent filter that is super easy to access and clean.

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Honeywell HFD310 AirGenius4 Air Cleaner2

I am completely happy with this air purifier. It is quiet and does a great job of removing cooking odors in our trailer. I have had terrible allergies this spring and it seems to be helping with that as well. It creates a nice breeze too. I have kept it running 24/7 for a month now.

I have used this unit on max for five months now and I have noticed a significant decrease in the dust on furniture. This air filter is being used in a room around 400 square feet so it does not clean the whole room, but the side of the room that I placed the filter at is much cleaner and I have to dust a lot less.

The oscillating feature has worked well and I have had it oscillating about 6 hours a day each day and there have been no problems with it. The extra charcoal filters work very well in helping remove pet odors and other household smells. Also, it is nice that this unit has a washable filter and that is very easy to clean.

This purifier is very quiet and even on the highest setting, it’s very tolerable. No rattling thus far. I have this in my office and it’s not distracting. I could easily run this on low and sleep with it. This purifier is very powerful and it truly does draw in airborne particles from all angles.

The size is great and I like that it’s a tower. The oscillator feature greatly improves the machine’s effectiveness.

The permanent filter is easy to clean and dry. I apply a spray cleaner and use the sink sprayer to wash it out with hot water. I shake out the excess, blot with paper towels and then use my hair dryer to dry it thoroughly. It takes about 15 mins to wash and dry.

Ideally, it would be nice to have an extra replacement filter. The charcoal pre-filter trapped a lot of dust and pollen and I have replaced that as well. As far as overall performance, it seems to be working just as well and operating just as quietly as always. I’m still impressed and quite pleased with this machine.

This device is well worth the money. Honeywell had designed this product with many options settings to clean your air space. You have the choices of what level of purifying the air 1, 2, 3, and 4. You have the choices of how long you would like the machine to stay on 2, 4,or 8 hour if you want it to move side to side in filtering your air space it would do that too with just a press of a button.

I love that it purifies the room very well. You also even have an indicator light that will let you know that your filters need cleaning. How good is that? It is very easy to clean and it saves you money with not have to buy filters time and time again.

You just take them out and run water over them and let them air dry and then place them back into your machine. Isn’t that easy? But, if you let them go a little too long before cleaning, you might have to let the filter soak in water only, for a while longer. Remember larger space may need several machines.

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