Holmes HAP9412B-UA Small Room HEPA Type Air Purifier

Holmes HAP9412B-UA Review

Holmes HAP9412B-UA Small Room HEPA Type Air Purifier Holmes HAP9412B works well. You will have a noticeable improvement for allergies, such as dust, dander. This has several settings, also a wide variety of filters available, the filters are a little expensive, but last 4 months. I ‘m happy with this purchase and would recommend it to others.

This has an optional ionizer that can be used; this helps with the negative air ions to attach to the positive ones and helps in the process of air purification. I would purchase this again, reasonable, efficient, light weight.

This filter does a great job of eliminating any odors and really does a great job of minimizing the bird ‘dust’. I am running it in a larger space then the unit calls for and usually only when I need to close the house up, but it works just fine. I am not using it for allergens so I cannot comment on that aspect.

Also, I do run the highest level. I do not find it to be too loud as some have mentioned. It’s not uber quiet but it certainly does not interfere with my TV and I don’t find it louder than a decent quality room fan. I feel it was a good value for the price and so far it’s running just fine.

I have an infant son at home, during the recent LA wildfires, our air quality dropped from Green to Red. Government advisory was to stay indoors and do not go outside to do unnecessary tasks. The entire house smelled like smoke and thank god these are cheap and fast.

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Holmes HAP9412B-UA Small Room HEPA Type Air Purifier2

Why do I recommend these filters?

It is a good quality, cheap, durable, lightweight, takes up very little desk space, tall and thin. Its bottom is heavy so it is little difficult to knock over not heavy enough to injury a toddler if it fell. It can easily go on a nightstand.

Easy to use, Speeds 1 and 2 are very quiet, like low humming, quieter than our fan. Speed 3 very quickly clears the room, Cleaned the smell of smoke within 20 minutes. Speed 3, is quite loud. Similar to a hair dryer on low, But it’s fast, so hard to get both quiet and fast. The filters are very easy to access and clean. A green light tells you operational, blue light tells you Ionizer operational, great as an additional deodorizer in the bathroom.

We live in a very dry area with two dogs and this purifier is awesome. Plus, it’s quiet, which is important if you want to keep it in your bedroom or the guest room when people are visiting. Of course, it lets out a bit of air so my dog always wants to lie in front of it, which probably defeats the purpose of purifying the air, but we love it anyway.

This fan is awesome. I have had it for about a month now and still no problems. I use this fan to make white noise for me to sleep at night. In addition to the noise, it cleans my room from dust, which helps with my allergies. I don’t really use the Ionization feature, but it is a nice touch. The only issue that I have is that the base is a little narrow and while on thick carpet it tends to fall over if bumped. For hard floors, this will not be an issue. Other than that small issue, this fan is perfect.

After living in my dorm for a few weeks, I developed some throat irritation. I figured it had to do with the fact that there is no ventilation (except for hallway vents/windows). Since purchasing this air filter, my problem has gone away, the room smells better, and there’s been less dust (I’ve been using the original “all purpose filter”- the freshening effect only works for about a week, but the filter is still fine).

This has also helped with my allergies (and my roommates). Case in point- I had the windows open one day, and after closing them, I didn’t turn on the air filter. The following morning, we both awoke with horrible sneezing. The next day, I had the windows closed and the fan on. The following morning was symptom-free.

The fan has three-speed settings. 1 and 2 are very quiet and don’t circulate air very well. They’re mostly just for “quiet” marketing. Setting 3 produces more noise (though you could sleep with it on), and the air stream can be felt a good 7 feet away.

There is also an optional ionizer, which is nice if you either don’t need it or worry about ozone. I’ve also read some reviews that said it caused a lot of dust to cling to the nearby area. The fan itself is about 16in tall, 6in wide, and 8in deep. Good price, size, and so far good quality.

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