Furnace Air Filter

Furnace Air Filter

Furnace Air Filter

If you read my web page about  air conditioning filters you will probably notice some similarities between these two WebPages. The fact is within your house there is the possibility to use your air ducts for hot and cold air. If you live near the poles of the earth you might not have an A/C system and if you live near the equator you probably don’t having a heating system. I used to live sort of in between and used mine for both, which is optimal.

Now that we have that confusion out of the way lets talk about where you have seen this type of HVAC air filter. In most houses, it will  be in either two places (directly above the furnace or at a higher  level where you can open up a great on the first floor. My house used to have it on the first floor. By the time, most people check it the air filter is super black and dust is flying out of the vent letting  it right back in your house. You do not want to wait this long. You should replace it every 6 months, but if you get a high-quality model you could wait as long as a year!

Furnace Air Filter Types

For the most part, most generic brands are what you call HEPA-like and are only imitators when it comes to collecting air pollutants. You  can only hope they will catch the big dust balls so you don’t have to sweep them up and brush them off your clothes and furniture. I suggest that you make a significant upgrade, which you are probably here to  learn about. I will share two types below with you. I will tell you I prefer the “True HEPA” version, but other people do have the use for the  electronic version.  Furnace Air Filter HEPA

The best type of my belief is furnace air filter help.

This type has HEPA standards that it must keep too. As you probably already know it is 99.97% effective at capturing particles down to 0.3 microns in size, which is very small. This can capture bacteria and viruses pretty well too. That’s one thing you won’t find with the cheap blue ones that only catch large particles that you can see. They also are static charged to attract particles like a tv screen, but will not make a spark like you  will if you rub your feet up against the carpet.

Electronic Furnace Air Filters

The second type is what we call electronic furnace air filters that are a bit different from using static electricity to attract  particles in your air. This process charged the air entering the  system and then makes it pass this an air filter that is charged with  the opposite charge (opposites attract). It seems all natural and good, but not everything is caught in the air filter all the time. Poor designs could leak these charged particles into your house and do what ozone generators do. You can check out my web page ” do ionic air purifiers work” about that situation. In the end, the technology does work, but you will have to choose quality and have a  real need to install something like this. It is actually more of a  whole house air purifier than anything else. However, it is not one that I can approve of using.  Furnace Air Filter Reviews     Within my reviews you will find great information about furnace and  HVAC air filters. Your specific house will need a certain size. You will always want to look at the old one to get the measurements, which are on the outside edge of the air filters. Please don’t get the cheap blue ones! It would be sad for me to know after reading my information you chose to ignore it for the sake of price instead of thinking of  your families health.